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Our History

In 1958 Gilbert Miles and his wife Margaret opened up the greenhouses at Hollywood cemetery, where they operated for over ten years. The business did so well that the greenhouse traffic began to interfere with cemetery traffic, and Mr. and Mrs. Miles decided to move to another location.

In 1969 they found the perfect place in Glen Allen on Mountain road. There they started from scratch, digging the holes for the foundations in the dog days of July. The Greenhouse has operated at that location ever since.

In 1981 a second location was added to The Greenhouse family on Patterson Avenue in Richmond to serve the needs of our customers in the West End. 

Today, The Greenhouse is run by Gilbert & Margaret's son George, who has worked at the nursery since he was a kid. The words "hey there, friend" can often be heard echoing throughout the 12 greenhouses as George greets every person who walks in the door as if he's known them for years. 

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