Fall Veggies are IN!

cole crops

The time to plant is NOW!

Can you smell the apple cider donuts yet? Nope, me neither. Here at The Greenhouse, we're still slathering on the SPF 40 and sweating our way through the scorching days. It feels odd to start thinking about cole crops, pansies and mums ... but those days are right around the corner!

If you want broccoli, brussels sprouts and kale this fall, now is the time to plant. Every year is different, but the rule of thumb for a booming fall garden is to get your plant babies in the ground by the 1st week of September. Guess who has those lil baby plants? WE DO! Currently in stock: Arugula Lettuce (red leaf, green leaf and romaine) Spinach Pak Choi (bok choy) Collards Kale Swiss Chard Brussels Sprouts Beets Cabbage (red & green) Cauliflower Broccoli

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