Bulk Compost, Topsoil & Mulch

The Greenhouse in Glen Allen is a convenient location in the Greater Richmond area for bulk compost, topsoil and mulch. 

Our compost is made in house, primarily of leaves and organic matter from the greenhouses. To maximize the decomposition process and add fuel to the fire, we turn (aerate) the compost piles monthly. 

Benefits of Using Compost in The Garden

1. Improving Soil Structure -  Soil with a healthy structure is crumbly to the touch, allowing plenty of room for air, water and energy to move freely.

2. Increase Nutrient Content - When organic material is broken down in a compost pile, the decomposition process produces the best fertilizer you’ll ever find

3. Use Less Water - Improving soil structure and boosting nutrient content is about more than producing healthier crops. Fertile soil also has far greater moisture retention, allowing you to use less water in your garden.

How Much Do I Need?

Lets start here: 1 Cubic Yard is equal to 27 Cubic Feet. Lets say you typically use the big bags found at most nurseries. Those bags are typically 2 cubic feet, so one full cubic yard in bulk is equivalent to 13.5 bags of topsoil/compost/mulch. When you add those up, it can put a big strain on the old bank account. Bulk, in general, is cost efficient and uses little to no packaging materials. Yay for less waste!


How Much Does It Cost?

Mulch & Compost- $24.99 per cubic yard 

Top Soil-  $29.99 per cubic yard

Sifted Compost - $39.99 per cubic yard

50/50 Mix of Topsoil & Compost (GREAT for raised beds!) - $29.99 per cubic yard

What About Delivery?

Contact us for a delivery quote TODAY! Although The Greenhouse itself does not offer a delivery package, a member of our staff offers a delivery service for bulk compost, topsoil and mulch.